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BB Shop At Summer Market Stylista - 2 Amazing days (and new updates)

Joana Schomer

Well hello there!

It´s been quite the ride this past week and weekend. This was Ballon Blanc´s first appearance at a market and I could´t have been happier in doing it so, at the best market, the best event, that Lisbon could have. It was just the best venue where the Moses baskets could be presented live for the first time.
I have so much to be thankful for, and I met and engaged with very interesting people, the feedback was amazing, gained outstanding clients, had ones that purposely came to check the product and acquire it. Above all, I honestly hope these products were above your expectations and a big THANK YOU to all that stopped by to buy or just to say hi. A nice supporting word goes a long way as well, and everything made me a very happy gal.

The market was held at the beautiful outdoor grounds of FIARTIL in Estoril, covered in trees and charming little booths. It absolutely looked like a summer village and Maria Guedes and her team, sure do know how to organize and influence a crowd of followers, that attend this market.

I decorated my 'cabin' as a little African/ethnic corner. This is the baskets main soul and I did´t want to take that away from them.
It´s a different product and I was so happy to discover that people could see the potential of a Moses basket. Especially this one, that can withstand for many, many years keeping it´s original quality and as a true legacy. My biggest joy was to find out that a customer bought one to be passed on to every baby in the family and for generations to come. That is truly what these baskets represent: the continuous use, in different or meaningful ways.


So, now what´s to come?

  • Many people asked if I had a physical store. As of right now, I don´t. But I am working on having it placed in different places for the time being. Currently Maisena in Porto, carries some of my baskets. When I have any new updates, I will let you know.

  • In a few days, I will have the online shop up and running with all the available baskets.

  • When I import, I never know what´s coming. It all depends on the availability and what the weaver has made. So if you see one now that you like, make sure to snag it. They are all unique and one of a kind.

  • It also takes a long time to have the product shipped from Africa and released from customs. So if you are expecting a baby any time soon, don´t wait too long to get one.

  • If you purchased a basket from the market, don't forget to check "customer care" and "safety" page for all the information on how to care and handle the moses basket.

  • I received many, many questions on the baby moses rocking stand I had displayed. Unfortunately it's not a product I have (yet) to offer, but I will be working on it. If you have more questions on it or where you could buy one now, drop a message.

I was also very happy that the Modern Burlap swaddle blankets were a huge success. They are so versatile and match so well the baskets.

Thank you for following along and for belonging to this tribe. Let´s make a difference!


Easter {basket}

Joana Schomer

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

This year, being in Portugal, we took advantage of the traditional family time and lots of eating. We were grateful for this slow time, and for having family to celebrate with.
However, we didn't have the traditional egg hunt that we always had when living in the States. It's funny to see how that tradition has picked on in Portugal because if I'm not mistaken, I don't remember seeing it here. We might resume it next year, but this time around, we just had fun time with the girls, and they played lots outside with their relatives.

Not having a basket for the hunt, doesn't mean that we didn't photograph a basket! And of course, it had to be with a beautiful Moses one.

I would love to know how you celebrated this season. Drop a line and say hi!

Until next time,


Benefits Of A Moses Basket

Joana Schomer

Many of you may wonder, why spend that extra money on a Moses basket. Why use one if the baby will have a bigger crib? These or other questions might have you hesitant in acquiring one for your little baby, but from my point of view and experience, I could´t live without a Moses basket. And here´s why...

Where baby will sleep is always the biggest concern to parents, and you want to make it special, cosy and safe. Many parents prefer to keep their newborn in their bedroom, close to them. It makes it so much easier on those long, sleepless nights where baby needs to be attended to almost throughout the whole night. So unless you live in a master suite bedroom, you will be a little limited in space. So this is where that special bed for those first months comes in. There are many options in the market and usually a basket/bassinet with a stand (or not), close to the bed is the choice.
However, babies will be sleeping during the day too, and you will need a place for them to nap. This is where I find Moses basket the ideal solution for the first months, because I like to keep an eye on baby wherever I am in the house. Not to mention, I can take it anywhere else, if it so happens to be spending a weekend or day out.

They are a great starter bed for your baby. They provide a cosy little sanctuary for them and they are extremely portable. Grab the handle, and off you go (just make sure not to carry the basket with baby inside) and the size is perfect to fit in your bedroom. Wherever you are, baby is right by your side, sleeping, giving you that peace of mind and comfort to them. They are extremely lightweight making it easy to move around and you can rest it on any safe surface (floor, table...)
Using a stand or not is your personal choice. We don´t offer that option but there are several stores where you can buy one and they are very flexible with fitting to different baskets.

And if you are still hesitant, remember that you can continue using the basket for other purposes, once the baby has outgrown it. You can pass it down to siblings or use it as a toy/linen storage. Our African baskets with their unique texture, color and pattern, will look beautifully displayed in your home.

We recommend that you read the following for additional information on safety and customer care on our baskets. Visit the pages on your website: