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Online store of african handmade woven baby moses basket

Happy 2018 & Almost 1 Year Old


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Happy 2018 & Almost 1 Year Old

Joana Schomer

2017 Best Nine from Instagram

2017 Best Nine from Instagram

Hello all,

Joana here! It´s been a while since I wrote on the storytelling pages of this adventure of a business.
Stopped by to say hi and wish you all a great new year!

What a year it has been. It was this shops´ first year of business and there has been lots of learning too. But overall it has been a wonderful experience and I had the great chance of connecting with amazing people.
I am going to try and do my best to have another exciting year and having your feedback means a lot to me.
I am always striving to diversify the shop with other products to complement the statement one which are the moses baskets. Sometimes that becomes a challenge because I don´t want to have items, just because.... I want them to be meaningful, beautiful and different. And after some twists and turns, I eventually dropped those choices.

So my biggest goals this year for this shop are:
- creating my OWN exclusive products to complement the baskets;
- delivering the option to have a rocking stand (I know I´ve mentioned this before but it has been a challenge. Especially in getting a reasonable price because I don´t want to mass produce it - hello small, tiny business here), but I´m getting there;
- and of course, continuing having the most amazing Moses baskets from all the land.

This month also marks the official launch anniversary - January 10th! I want to do something special to mark that date and celebrate it.
Sooooo, *drum rolls*.... I am giving away a free Moses basket!! But I don´t want to give it away just for the return of follows and likes. I want to give it to someone that tells me *the best* story of why they need one. It could be for you, for someone else, for a cause, whatever the purpose is.
In order to submit your application, fill out the form below and I will pick the best story, on January 10th.
Can´t wait to hear from you and it will mean a lot to me, handing out one for free, to a beautiful and meaningful story. You can write in English or Portuguese.
Good Luck!!

*Don´t forget that you need to follow my instagram account in order to qualify for the contest. Not accepted accounts just for contest/giveaways. Offer valid for Europe ONLY*

*CLOSED* Enter Your Story For A Chance To Win A Moses Basket

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Let me know where you are from. Contest open to European residents ONLY.