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The Honest Story Of The Trade


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The Honest Story Of The Trade

Joana Schomer

This is a post I´ve been meaning to write for some time now. I like to be pretty open about the whole process of this little business of mine and have you all engaged and understanding the behind the scenes and the work that´s put into. I think success in anything in life, comes from honesty and sharing. Caring and informing. Being all hush-hush sometimes leads to nowhere and I´m not afraid of putting it out there. Just shows that there is a human behind the brand that cares (a lot) about her customers and her followers. 

Why I´m I having this *deep* intro? Well, I want to explain a little bit about the price point of these baskets, because I know they can come off as a little *scary*. For the most part at least. And when a purchase is made, I am not making a "fortune" at all. In a matter of fact, this last year, this whole work I´ve put in, hasn´t shown any revenue results. Which is fine, because I started this in order to be able to bring these baskets over to Europe, and not to make a fortune out of them. I´m happy that I make enough to cover the expenses I have with an open business. And let me tell you, they are A LOT. 

The product has a really high value, and it does´t come out from nowhere nor there is exploiting on the price point. It´s known that everything that´s unique and handmade and limited, has a honest value attached to it, that sometimes makes you cringe but it´s totally reasonable and fair. 
I want to explain to you what you are paying and where the money is being put in. 

It all starts in Ghana. The very skillful weavers make these beautiful Moses baskets and sell their art piece to a supplier that through a fair-trade exchange, pays them fairly for their work. The supplier then, sells them to me. So, it already starts a little steep there, but let´s be fair, it takes a lot of work and the weaver spends days working on just one piece.
Then, comes the worst part. Shipping. Cost of it is high. But if shipping was the worst, then think again. Once it hits the grounds of the final destination country... yep, you got it: TAXES. On top of the product cost, shipping cost, comes the dreadful custom release fees and taxes. After all this is calculated, then I have to add my very little margin and taxes (iva) again, to the final customer. 
There you go. The escalating increase of incremented costs are really cringe worthy, but bringing over something from a remote place that´s beautiful and unique, definitely has it´s costs. 
In an ideal world, I wouldn´t have to pay tax, after tax but unfortunately, that is the reality of anything coming out of the European Union. Let´s not mention the time this all takes as well. It would be faster coming from carrier companies like FEDEX and DHL but the costs are even higher (I´ve learned my lesson). So in order to cut some costs, it has to come through the more traditional way. Lengthy in time, but a *little* less costly. 

And why do the final prices of the baskets also vary? Well, because of all of these reasons; the exchange rates at the time, shipping costs that change a lot coming from Ghana, and taxes.
Sometimes you see cheaper baskets, sometimes a little higher, but not because I feel like pricing them with whatever the mood I´m in at the moment. It´s just because the demands of each import, vary a lot. 

I hope with this post, I am able to explain the trade to more skeptical minds.
I want to also thank everybody that has purchased and have been able to find these baskets, closer to their home address. That was my ultimate goal. I am here to bring you beautiful things, no matter the costs. Just to finish off, really, the most part of the money is put into the hands of the rightful earner (weavers), to the services that expedite them, and to the country that receives them (oh taxes. But that´s what makes the economy roll). 

Also, feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions.
Apologize in advance, if it takes ma a while to reply. Life has been pretty busy with my hands full. 

Thank you for reading! See you soon, with more stock being released! Wohoo. I´ll let you know.
xx - Joana

Anou  Moses Basket - Part of the new collection that has just arrived

Anou Moses Basket - Part of the new collection that has just arrived