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New Product In || Teethers

Joana Schomer


Welcoming you into the forest of little crocheted cute animals! 

Amigurumi is a Japanese art of crocheting little stuffed animals and that was the theme chosen, for our newest item: baby teethers/toy.

In this collection of 5 animals, that were skillfully knitted by the amazing hands of a very talented lady living in Portugal, she carefully crafted around an organic wooden ring, a Rhino, Fox, Sheep, Monkey and a Bunny. 


Creating and selling objects that are natural and ecological has always been the motto of this shop. I envision what I would love for my own babies and I sure wish my youngest was still in the teething phase so I could give her one of these - they´re just too cute. But not their poor nagging pains. For that I am glad it has faded. 

The texture of crochet provides a great way to sooth their gums and the teethers can be easily washed. 
The wooden ring is another marvelous thing because they come from the best supplier in Europe of natural wood toys, grown in an ecological region away from heavy industries. These rings are a wonderful and safe natural alternative to the plastic or rubber teethers available in the market. During the process of crafting the rings, no chemicals or any artificial additives, solvents or dyes are used. Just hand sand paper polished repeatedly to make them smooth.

Super soft, fun and sensory appealing. Your baby will love it!


Find the whole collection below! They will also be packaged inside an organic cotton drawstring bag. 
I hope you love them just like I do.