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The Rocking Stand


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The Rocking Stand

Joana Schomer

This post is very over due because I get asked so many times about the rocking stand I take pictures with, and for that fact, I´ve been wanting to write about it.

I had announced a while back that I was going to sell them, but trying to purchase in wholesale fell through. Then I tried to contact factories to custom make one to fit perfectly to the size of these baskets, but it was going to turn out extremely expensive. For obvious reasons, I can´t negotiate thousands of them, so that fell through as well. At this point, I can´t be doing anymore chasing around. I tried to have them available in my shop to make the purchase easier and perfect to complement the baskets, but instead of having the product, I will just post the link to where I purchased it in the first place.
I am in no way advertising or promoting these stands. I just want to provide the link and it´s up to you to look into it.


At the time when I was trying to find a rocking stand for photo shoot purpose only, I came across this one and loved it immediately. The price was good. The natural look was good. It came from UK (no duty fees in Europe). Perfect. Purchased, took photos and then it was immediate success.
I realized then that probably doing such thing without allowing the customer to buy it wasn´t a really smart thing. Duh. My fault. I hustled to bring it over, but you know the story from above now.

It was purchased from AMAZON UK. Here is the link: (it seems to be out of stock at the moment)

My Child Pine Wooden Moses Basket Rocking Stand

It came fast and easy and had shipping fees. But the fact that it didn´t get held by customs was pretty darn good to me.

WARNING: I have to warn you though, the width is a little narrow for these baskets. You have to kinda squeeze them in and with the mattress, it doesn´t sit completely flat. BUT, I have customers that already purchased these and said they worked. So, it all depends, I guess.


But let´s try and share other options. If you have any idea where to get similar to these, please leave a comment.
And if someone else decides to sell these or does already, let me know and I will post a link to your shop/business. Sharing is caring, right? :)

Hope this helps!! Let me know.

- Joana