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Online store of african handmade woven baby moses basket

Customer Care

If you have purchased a Moses basket, I am so excited for you to receive it! It might be necessary for you to give it a little care after receiving it.

The baskets are handwoven from Elephant grass and at the end of the weaving process, the ends of the grass stick out from each side and then are trimmed. Over time, small pieces of the grass may stick out. But don't worry, these can be trimmed easily with a scissors.

Reshaping the basket
After shipment some of them may appear to be not properly shaped. Don't worry, shaping them is fast and easy.

They can bend a tiny bit out of shape and the best way to straighten out any kinks is to wet the areas of the basket that need fixing (do not wet the handles) with hot or room temperature water (let it sink in), drain and shake off the excess water, place on flat surface and then lightly hand mold the basket to an even shape. Elephant grass becomes soft when wet. Once its shaped, place it out to dry, away from sunlight or near a fan. Please make sure it is fully dry before use or storage.

To ensure longevity and quality of the basket, do not use harsh agents to wash the basket. To clean just run it under water or use a rag to wipe it down.

Some colors can fade if exposed for long periods of time in the sun, such as lime green, light blue and turquoise. Please be aware of this when reshaping your baskets in water and then allowing them to dry in the sun.