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Online store of african handmade woven baby moses basket


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African Handmade Woven Baskets

It all comes from an amazing community, creating amazing things!

We work with a supplier, that has their baskets made in sub-Saharan Africa by local weavers from a rural community. The men and women have developed this artful skill that has been passed down from generation to generation. They’re functional works of art and a perfect cozy sanctuary for your baby or gift for a mom to-be.

It takes 4-6 days to have a Moses basket manually weaved. They´re made with the utmost quality and craftsmanship and are a special family keepsake to be handed down from sibling to sibling, or transformed into the perfect place for toy or linen storage once your baby grows. A product to last for years to come.

Our Moses basket are all one-of-a-kind, beautifully handcrafted, ethical, unique and fair traded – great qualities and legacy represented in each piece.


Stellar Culture and Products

Contributing to sustainable development, preserving traditional skills and promoting ethically produced goods and work practices.


Material and Dyeing

The baskets are woven from elephant grass (veta vera grass). The tough nature of the elephant grass, together with the skillful weaving technique of the artisans, makes these individually woven baskets strong, durable and flexible.
The handles of the baskets are covered with cured leather for reinforcement and style.
Each weaver uses gas and water to color the grass with natural and chemical dye.

Giving Back

You are supporting a lasting legacy that will benefit the weavers and their children.
Artists are compensated fairly through a fair trade business and empower them with a chance of development and supporting their families. Weavers are not only being treated with respect but also being paid a fair and equal price.