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Lisboa, Lisboa, 1050

Online store of african handmade woven baby moses basket

Our Story

My youngest daughter... The one that led me to these amazing baskets. You can find more of our adventures, over at my personal instagram account @ballonblanc

It all started when...

I was pregnant of my second daughter in 2015, and I was on a quest to find her a baby moses basket. I wanted something unique and pretty and then I finally came across these baskets that were made in Africa, and they blew me away. At the time, I had a really hard time attempting to purchase one, because the very few companies that existed and carried this product, were either out of stock or would sell out in 5 minutes. Could never get my hands on one...
Here in Europe, I really did not find it anywhere, so seeing this gap in the market, I decided to pursue this opportunity of bringing them over. It´s been a long process and has taken me over a year, to finally bring them to you, and I hope you are mesmerized by them, just as I was.
And so the adventure begins. Since January of 2017, for the first time in Portugal, I finally started selling them online.

So, welcome to this little corner of mine where I share not only a way of living I like to portray, but as well my taste on everything that´s authentic, and from across the world. We are learning, helping and enriching our lives and of others. Adding a beautiful item to your home that brings a meaningful benefit and adds charisma on top of it, is my goal. I hope you can relate to this too.

Enjoy! And drop by anytime time, if not only to just say hi! Some followers already know me from my personal blog @ballonblanc and others are new to my page! So feel free to write and ask anything that you´d like! My name is Joana and I have 3 daughters... It´s a busy and hectic life to say the least. But it´s all thanks to them that I have encountered and pursued other endeavors in life. For example, this little corner right here! So it´s a crazy family life with a pinch of prettiness, if I might say :)

My daughter at the moment has outgrown the use of a baby Moses basket, but I am equally happy and thrilled to share with you this gem and give you this opportunity, of owning your own unique and beautiful African basket for your baby.

We are based in Portugal, but ship worldwide.

Photos of our family taken by Lu Valles Photography